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The Tankerman Career Academy is a tuition-based training program. Applicants must have a letter of pre-approval from a financial institution for a loan covering the tuition fee, or verification of available funds in order to be considered for admission. 

How much is the tuition?

Tuition is $13,990. Tuition can be financed or you can pay it with your own funds.

How can I get the money to pay for my tuition?

If you do not have the money available, you may choose your own lender and apply for a loan to cover the tuition, OR you may choose to apply for a student loan through a lending program we have established with La Capitol Federal Credit Union (La Cap). If approved for a La Cap student loan, La Cap will pay your tuition to PSC on the 10th day of the training program (after the trial period), and your first loan repayment will not be due until the 90th day of training. Please note that PSC does not administer the student loan program through La Cap. Click on the links below for more information. For other questions or to check on the status of a loan application, contact La Cap directly by calling (800) 522-2748, Ext. 2308.

 Instructions – La Capitol Federal Credit Union Student Loan Process for TCA

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Is there a federal school ID number for the Tankerman Career Academy?

The Tankerman Career Academy is a private training program that is NOT approved for federal student loan programs. We do not have a federal school code or school ID number. If your lender does not authorize student loans to private training programs without a federal school ID number, we suggest that you consider applying for a student loan through the program we have established with La Capitol Federal Credit Union (as detailed above).

Can GI Bill funds be used to pay for the tuition?

Unfortunately, our training program does NOT meet the Veteran’s Administration requirements for GI Bill funding or other education program assistance offered to veterans.

Are there any scholarships or other financial assistance available?

There are no scholarships, grants or other financial assistance offered to provide funds for tuition. Our training program does not meet the requirements for any federally-funded or state-funded student grant or loan programs.

When does the tuition have to be paid?

If you are paying the tuition with your own funds, you must make payment in full prior to the start of the first day of training. If you have been approved for a student loan through LaCap Federal Credit Union, the tuition will be disbursed by LaCap on day 10 of the training, after the orientation and initial “trial period.”

If I withdraw from the training, will I receive a refund of the tuition?

Students who withdraw during the first 9 days of training (our “trial period”) will receive a full refund of the tuition. After day 10, a percentage of the tuition will be refunded through the first 84 days of the training. More details on the Tuition Refund Policy will be provided during the TCA Information Session.

If you are unable to pay or finance the tuition,

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